Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

June 29, 2021: Horse Nettle

Although a native species, Horse Nettle (Solanum carolinense) is commonly found in disturbed areas.  The mature yellow round fruit is not edible, although a relative of the tomato. (Wolf. Oesterreich, 6/29/21)


June 27, 2021: Barn Swallows

An adult male Barn Swallow had just fed one of the 5 nestlings found under the south eave of the main shelter.  This year's addition (light-colored) was built on top of last year's nest (darker material). (Wolf. Oesterreich, 6/24/21)

June 25, 2021: Suset under the Storm Clouds


The sun sets below the storm clouds over the north lake. (Kevin Kane, 6/9/18)

June 23, 2021: Swamp Milkweed

 A patch of swamp milkweed along the west shore of the north lake. (Kevin Kane, 6/27/15)

June 21, 2021: Hooded Mergansers

The family of Hooded Mergansers (mom & 2 ducklings) first seen in mid-May, have been present on Pond J for a couple of weeks.  Most of the time the mother is not around, but the two juveniles seem to be doing ok on their own.  I've seen them catch and eat small fish.  This photo shows the mother with her offspring on one of the days she was present. (Wolf. Oesterreich, 6/14/20)