Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 16, 2014: Question Mark

The photograph on the left shows the underside of the Question Mark (Polygonia interrogationis).  The white crescent and dot for which this butterfly is named is clearly visible.  The right photograph shows the upperside.  The forewing is hooked with a red-orange upperside and black spots.  The hindwing is mostly black with a short violet-tipped tail.  There is a Summer and Winter form (more orange on upperside and a longer tail).  This specimen is of the Summer form. 7/15/14 (Wolf. Oesterreich)

Adults are attracted to rotting fruit, tree sap, dung, and carrion.  Only when these are unavailable will the Question Mark visit flowers such as Common Milkweed and asters.  The Summer form emerges and flies from May to September, laying eggs that will develop into the Winter form, which will appear in late August.

Wolf. Oesterreich

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