Monday, May 18, 2015

May 11, 2015: Heron Rescue

An irresponsible fisherman left fishing line behind in the shrubs and trees near the shore (SW corner of the south lake) and this magnificent Great Blue Heron became entangled in the line.  In the second photo (below) the heron was able to extract itself from the tree limbs, but still had fishing line wrapped around its legs.  Photo 3 shows its struggle to get away.  Ernie Unger (a Stone Brooke resident) has arrived and cuts the fishing line (#4).  "Thanks Ernie" (#5)  Exhausted and wet (#6) the heron wanders off along the shore.
Not only did I collect a lot of fishing line from this area, but one or more fishermen had left behind their trash.  If you haul it in, you can haul it, too!  This past Winter, off of this same point, I found an immature Trumpeter Swan that had become entangled in some fishing line.  By the time I found the swan it had already perished and its body remained there, held by the line, till early Spring.  Let's be more responsible fishermen!!!
Wolf. Oesterreich


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