Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 10, 2016: Mink

While standing on Weir N and looking for Odonates, I spotted an American Mink (Mustela vison) hunting below.  I was on the south end and the mink came from the north, swimming along the bottom of the weir, catching small fish when possible.  When it reached the south end it happened to look up and spot me.  The mink ran up the bank and into the vegetation.  I watched as it scurried around the culvert (outlet to the south lake) and then end up back at the north end.  Once again, the mink swam along the edge of the weir, looked up at me to see if I was still there, and ran around.  The American Mink did this again for a third time.  However, when it reached the north end, it ran off into the vegetation, probably tired of this "game". 8/9/16 (Wolf. Oesterreich)

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