Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mar 19, 2012: Bluebird Report

Eastern Bluebird, (See photo credit below)

Date: 3/19/12 10:15 am
From: Claudette Sandoval-Green
Subject: [ia-bird] Ada Hayden 03/18/12

We walked the upland trail yesterday (3/18) at Ada Hayden about 5:00 pm, and
spotted two Eastern Bluebirds just before you get to Jensen pond on
the south side of the trail, looked like one male and one female.
Also, just past the Circle of Life we saw one male Eastern
Meadowlark and three unknowns (females or juveniles). Most likely
females he was putting on a show - on the ground just in front
of the line of nest boxes.

Claudette Sandoval-Green
Ames, Iowa

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Photo Credit: Eastern Bluebird,-- again from Magnolia Plantation, (Audubon Swamp), Ray Swagerty----Charleston, SC

I've always found these to be really skittish. It was nice to get one. Particulars, Nikon D-80 with Nikkor 80x400 AF VR at 400mm. I've cleared the card already but as best I can recall, 1/250 sec., f6.3, ISO200, spot metered on the breast. It was tripod-mounted and the nice, warm lighting was behind me. It is cropped and enlarged, and sharpened just a tad. That makes me think that I may need to check and see if I have bumped the diopter setting through-the-lens as my eye for focus is usually pretty good.

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