Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mar 21, 2012: Cavorting Deer

I walked at Ada on Friday (3/16) about 7 and at 7:30ish we were over by where the upland trail meets the main trail on the south point. We were on the gravel up about 50 feet or so and could see the dirt spit on the south side of the pond that is closer to the houses. So, not the main body of water. We saw two fawns or little deer (it was getting darkish) prancing around the spit, running in the water, chasing each other, splashing and generally having a great time. Then we saw a bigger deer watching from the willows and that one never went in the water. My guess is they might do that regularly and maybe at that time - 7:45 by now - so if you wanted to see them cavorting, take a hike.  Google maps for you


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