Thursday, February 11, 2016

Feb 10, 2016: Hayden Park News 35

Dear Friends of Ada Hayden Heritage Park,
From Erv Klaas

I am sorry for the long hiatus in communicating with you this fall. I have had a long illness that culminated in a diagnosis of lymphoma. I have been undergoing chemotherapy treatments since late December. The prognosis is good for recovery, so I am looking forward to being back at the park by spring.

Meanwhile, the AHHP board, especially the Treasurer, Stephanie Fox, have continued to keep us moving ahead.

As you recall, the board created an endowment fund with the Story County Community Foundation in 2015. Some of you have taken advantage of the 25 percent tax credit that is available to donors to the foundation. Our endowment fund got a big boost from an anonymous donor at the end of 2015 that will help us in long-term planning for new activities. The fund now totals nearly $250,000. My sincere thanks to everyone who has helped make this possible. Remember that any donation directly to Friends of Ada Hayden He ritage Park is tax deductible.

The board will be meeting soon to begin this needed planning. Several projects are still waiting to be accomplished, for example, interpretative programs including new signs and perhaps brochures. We expect that the new housing developments occurring near the park will put additional pressure on the park. We hope that we can better educate park users about the values of the flora and fauna that are represented in the park and enlist their help in maintaining and enhancing the natural systems.

The City of Ames plans to convert the hayfields on the upland slopes to native prairie this coming year. This will require new kinds of management that may include prescribed fire and mowing.

Wolf Oesterreich and Kevin Kane continue to document the birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects and flora as the park changes through the seasons. You can access their beautiful photographs and reports on our blog by googling: Ada Hayden Park Reflections at: or

I hope to see you soon.
Erv Klaas

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