Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feb 10, 2012: History

An early email from Erv informing the community of the opportunity at Hallett's Quarry, Nov 18, 1999.

As you may know,  the lake created on the abandoned Haletts Quarry on the north side of Ames is an important alternative water supply for the City of Ames during drought periods.  The water there is presently of relatively high quality.  A recent proposal to develop the land around the abandoned quarry raises questions about the effect of this development on water quality in the quarried lakes.  If surface water runoff from housing developments is allowed to enter the lake it could cause eutrophication and degradation of this important water supply.  In my opinion, this whole watershed should be protected by placing it in a city park and allow only uses that would protect and maintain the quality of the water entering this lake.   Stone Brooke and Bloomingtion Heights developments already are probably having some effect and the agricultural land to the west is being eyed by the developers. 

See the full document.

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