Sunday, April 9, 2017

April 7, 2017: The Downside of Development

This NE view shows soil flowing from a recent excavation across and onto the Upland Trail.  The erosion-control netting isn't doing its job.  At a recent program I presented to the Outdoor Alliance of Story County I was asked if there would be any impacts to the Park.  This is one.  Last year, when the spur into Hayden's Crossing was installed, a wider swath of vegetation was removed than necessary.  Then nothing was done to the bare soil, so it washed down upon the Upland Trail.  Another impact.  Besides the loss of solitude, construction trash continues to blow into the Park, with no crews from the developers to clean it up.  We must continue to work as neighbors to educate and inform developers and new homeowners on the affects of the development on the park! (Wolf. Oesterreich, 3/30/17)

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