Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jan 25, 2013: North Wetlands

North wetland area looking east-southeast from the northwest upland. 1/25/13
Compare with the same area from 1/25/11 below. (Wolf. Oesterreich)

We are adding another feature to the blog starting today!  Wolf as you know is on constant patrol through the park (at least it seems that way).  Over the last several years he has been taken photography of the landscape of the park from the same spots on different days of the month.  I'll be posting some of those photos as he sends them to me and also bringing some out of the archives.  I'll post a map of where he takes his photos and on what days for reference.  Hope you enjoy! - Kevin

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  1. Great idea! I return every summer and I think Ada Hayden improves and changes each year. I'll be looking up Wolf's spots this year.