Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 20, 2013: Thanks to the Thistle Squad!

Al and Ida Johnson. 6/20/13 (Erv Klaas)

Al and Ida Johnson have worked several days cutting musk thistle at
Ada Hayden Park.  There is a thick stand of these invasive species on
the north bank of the west arm of the south lake.  The plant with the
yellow flowers is wild parsnip.  This plant can cause you pain. Notice
that both Al and Ida have on long sleeved shirts.  Thistle has prickly
thorns and parnsip can cause severe burns on bare skin that can last
for weeks or months.  Neither of these species are native to the
United States.  They were introduced more than 100 years ago from
Europe and Asia. 6/20/13 (Erv Klaas)

Musk thistle and wild parnsnip. 6/20/13 (Erv Klaas)

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