Thursday, June 27, 2013

June 26, 2013: Blue Grosbeak

Blue Grosbeak.  6/23/13 (Wolf. Oesterreich)

Blue Grosbeaks are more commonly found in western Iowa.  This male represents the 5th record (in 16 years) for the Park and the 6th for Story County and has been present since Saturday, June 22nd. On Monday, the male was joined by a female.  Unfortunately, neither was observed on Tuesday.

He has been consistently found in the woods west of the bridge spur and main lakes trail (west side) and in the vegetation (where this photo was taken) along the small cove (SW corner of the north lake).  Blue Grosbeaks are slightly larger than Indigo Buntings, plus it has a heavier bill, blacker face, and chestnut wing bars.

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