Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 4, 2012: Wolf's Notes (5/3)

Sora, 5/3/12 (Wolf Oesterreich)

May 3

Only one First-of-Year species (Nashville Warbler) was found today. Many of those observed yesterday have already moved on. Three Soras were seen, two at Pond J and 1 at Pond G. (photo above) Soras are cousins to the American Coot, which many people believe to be ducks. However, with lobed instead of webbed feet, coots area actually in the Rail family (Rallidae). One white nestling was seen in the Red-tailed Hawk nest. With an adult perched at the edge of the nest instead of on it made me suspicious. When I scoped the nest I could see a little white head pop up. One of the Tree Swallow nesting boxes, which a pair of Eastern Bluebirds had taken over, seems to have a new occupant. I had seen an adult carry out a fecal sac (indicating hatching), but a House Sparrow has been present for the past two days, with no sign of a bluebird.


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