Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Aug 21, 2012: Pumping Resumes at Ada Hayden Lake

The pumping system at Ada Hayden Heritage Park, 7/27/12 (Kevin Kane)

Pumping Resumes at Ada Hayden Lake
Posted Date: 8/21/2012 12:00 PM
Ames, Iowa – The Ames Water Plant resumed its pumping water from the lake at Ada Hayden Heritage Park into the South Skunk River Channel today as part of its ongoing drought management plan. Although central Iowa and the Ames watershed have received rainfall recently, precipitation is far below normal and drought conditions persist.

The Ames Water Treatment Plant uses wells to draw water from the Ames Aquifer. Pumping water into the South Skunk River plays an important role in recharging the aquifer. By maintaining a pool of water above the low head dam in North River Valley Park, the groundwater level in the underground well field increases, said John Dunn, Director of Water and Pollution Control.

The City of Ames has not implemented any mandatory restrictions on the use of treated drinking water, but strongly encourages conservation be practiced by all residents.

“Our message is that we want customers to make smart use of water, especially for outdoor irrigation,” Dunn says. “For example, healthy lawns need just one inch of water a week. Watering more frequently or allowing water to run off sidewalks or driveways is wasting water.”

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