Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jan 24, 2012: Wolf's Field Notes

Geese flying into the open water area on south central part of south lake, 1/22/12 -- Kevin Kane

After being house-bound for 4 days due to an illness, I was finally able to get out to the Park today.  I was surprised to find over 2,000 waterfowl, mostly Cackling and Canada Geese, with over 150 Mallards.  The drake American Black Duck and hen American Wigeon were still present, as was a drake Ruddy Duck, the first one seen this year.  Most of the waterfowl had left by the time I was on my third lap, but waves of geese started to filter back at dusk.  A Northern Shrike was observed in the line of trees immediately to the north of the main shelter.  This is probably the same individual that Erv and I have seen numerous times near the bridge.

Wolfgang Oesterreich

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  1. Living in North Ames we walk, bike, and kayak at AHHP several times per week (what a treasure!). Today while rounding the trail at the southwest end of the lake (at about 5:15 pm), we witnessed the most spectacular mass exodus of geese and duck from the south lake - what a sight! It made my week.
    Mary Darrow