Friday, February 24, 2012

Feb 24, 2012: Snow & Eagles


The morning was filled with lots of snow and birdlife, 2/24/12 (Kevin Kane)
You can find all the photos here.

The wet, heavy snow that fell last night made the park quite a backdrop for photos this morning.  Although I didn't get to the park until it had turned somewhat overcast, there was plenty of winter splendor to be taken in.  The ice on the north lake is now gone except in the very southeast corner where large sheets were collecting. There is still ice on the south lake over the western area and also on the northeast.

I could hear geese on Jensen pond but did not walk up the hill to see how big the flock was.  There were only a few geese on the south lake and those that were there kept shrinking in number taking off in groups. On the north shore of the south lake I turned back to see two juvenile bald eagles on a tree on the bluff.  As I tried to get closer, one took off but the other stayed long enough for a couple photos and then also took off.

The bridge was caked with the heavy snow as I walked back across to the east to the park sign. Turning to the north, I was taking more photos of the bridge when to the north I saw two large birds flying in to the south.  They turned out to be a large adult bald eagle and another juvenile. The two glided over the bridge for almost five minutes before flying off toward the Ames water tower.

All in all, it was a great morning for a walk around the park.


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