Monday, February 6, 2012

Feb 5, 2012: Super Sunday

A Sunday stroll across the bridge, 2/5/12.  Kevin Kane.
All photos from 2/5/2012

OK, maybe not super - more like blustery, but quite a few brave souls made the trek to Ada Hayden Sunday for their pre-game activities.  There was little evidence that the snow that fell Saturday had any intention of hanging around as temps right above freezing melted most of it away.  I ran into Erv half way around my walk around the south lake.  Erv confirmed there wasn't too much bird activity, at least midway through the afternoon.  The south lake open water continues to grow but hosted only a few geese and ducks.  I took a few photos of those birds that did decided to hang around for the afternoon (and even a couple mussels hiding among the rocks).


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