Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Aug 27, 2013: Morning Walk at Ada Hayden Park

Morning Walk at Ada Hayden Park, Ames, Iowa - Photos and story by Bob Kelly, 8/26/13

Monday morning, August 26 started out tolerably warm and by noon got unbearably hot.  From about 9:00 to 10:20 I was strolling along the walk path on the south shore of Ada Hayden Lake, and found lots of interesting things to photograph.

I first noticed a limestone bench that I later sat on to rest, and its swirling pattern looked like an aerial photo of sand formations so that was the first exposure.  Others that followed were various kind of yellow flowers including some Goldenrod, Black Eyed Susans, Compass Plant, and some others that I did not recognize, but still caught my eye!

There was a lovely view of lake home high on a hilltop that I enjoyed, along with bees busy gathering nectar, a Kildeer protecting its territory as it waded along the lake, a turtle sunning itself on a log, and what looked like a snow bank in August, turned out to be feathers that were shed by geese or ducks and washed ashore and stayed there.  It made me laugh when I realized what they were.  There were delicate Dragonflies of various descriptions fluttering about, and three different kinds of butterflies, including a Black Swallowtails in two forms, and a Tiger Swallowtail, all of which were colorful, graceful, and a joy to watch.

I came back home hot and sweaty and spent a good deal of time in the coolness of my office downloading and processing the images that are shown below.  It was MY idea of a very good time!   I will go back to other areas of the park and shoot some more (when it cools down!!).  For now enjoy these, and if you get a chance for an early morning or early evening stroll there, take advantage of it!

For more photos click here!

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