Monday, January 2, 2012

Jan. 2, 2012 - Fantastic Day at Ada Hayden!

I met Erv at the park today for a walk around the two lakes.  It was really cold (22 degrees) and really windy (~20 mph) but there was not a cloud in the sky - brisk!  We met Wolf north of the bridge on his bike and did some bird watching/strategizing. There was no ice left on either of the lakes as a result of all the wind over the last couple days and very few birds.  As you can see by the pictures and Wolf's report below, we did see some deer, swans, geese, ducks, and a couple of bald eagles.  The moon could just be seen in the southeastern sky and I waited for one of the eagles to pass by to get the shot here in the blog.  Erv and I walked and talked for almost 2 hours - very well worth the cold and wind.  Some of the ice formations on the south and east side of the lake were very picturesque.  A day well spent!
Bald Eagle over south lake - k.kane

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