Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jan 5, 2012 - Spring?

With record highs set all over Iowa today, Ada Hayden Park entertained hundreds of people getting out to brush away the winter blues.  The parking lot was 80% full with most people walking or jogging.  I set out on my bike to to get some exercise and some photos from as many spots around the park as possible.    The ice was melting on both lakes and the remainig thickness would not even hold rocks that kids were throwing in by the banks.  All of the geese and ducks were on the south lake which had some open water.  There were two main groups of geese - one taking off and one coming in right around sundown.  After the sun set temps started to fall and I could feel pockets of both warm and cold air as I cycled through the park.

    Sunset was beautiful from the upper trail (looking east)- k.kane

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