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Jan 19, 2012: Story County Winter Hikes

Upper trail south of Jensen Pond, Ada Hayden Park (Kevin Kane)

Today I'm posting information from another central Iowa conservation group,
Story County Winter Hikes.

Winter 2012

Story County winter hikes are held on Sunday afternoons at 1:30 pm and last about 2 hours.

January 22nd Soper’s Mill Greenbelt. Coordinator: Jeff White

Includes hiking along a narrow, beautiful trail through rocks and woods, a visit to the new DOT rest stop, and (new!) a walk through Pleasant Grove Woods On Hwy 69, drive 2.5 miles north from Ada Hayden Park. Turn right (east) at Gilbert corner onto 170th Street. Go 2.5 miles until you cross the Skunk River Bridge. The parking area is just past the bridge on the left (north).

January 29th Zumwalt Park in southwest Ames. Coordinator: David Brenner
A well-kept secret, this park is a gem and lovely in the winter. Meet at the north end of the parking lot at Gateway Hotel on University Avenue, just south of Hwy 30. This hike is best when it’s cold and the creek is frozen.


February 5th Petersons Pits, east and west. Coordinator: Jeff White

We will walk back trails and view the old cemetery and the new bridge. Meet at West Petersons Pit parking lot. On Hwy 69, drive 1.5 miles north of Ada Hayden Park and then turn right (east) onto 180th Street. There is a sign about Peterson Pits. Drive 1.5 miles on 180th and turn right (south) at the sign. Drive 3/8 mile on the road to the parking lot by the lake. Park at the east end of the parking lot.

February 12th Carr Woods in Ames. Coordinator: Jeff White
We will walk both east and west sides of the Skunk River. Meet at the old Carr Pool (to be demolished next year) parking lot. From 13th Street in east Ames, turn north on Meadowlane Avenue. Go about three blocks and turn right into the pool parking lot.

February 19th Heart of Iowa Nature Trail at Cambridge. Coordinator: Cindy Barrowcliff
Join us to cross the Skunk at the new bridge and walk the trail completed last year. Drive south on I-35 to Exit 102, Hwy 210, and go left (east) toward Cambridge. Go 2.5 mile on 210 and turn left (north) toward Cambridge on 585th Avenue. Drive into Cambridge, following the road as it turns right (east) and becomes Center Street. After three blocks, turn right (south) onto South Water Street. The trailhead will be one block south on S. Water St.

February 26th Christensen Preserve north of Huxley. Coordinator: Cindy Barrowcliff
This relatively new preserve has wildlife and lovely scenery. Drive south from Ames on Hwy 69 about 7 miles to the north end of Huxley. Turn left (east) on Centennial Drive (becomes 310th Street after 1 mile). Drive from Hwy 69 a distance of 1.5 miles, then turn left (north) at the sign into the Preserve parking lot.


March 4th Dakins Lake. Coordinator: Jeff White

We will view lake and area before the planned expansion of the park and the new lake! From Ames, drive north on I-35 to the E-18 exit (Exit 123) and turn right (east) toward Roland and Zearing. Continue on E-18 for 14 miles and drive through Zearing. On the east side of Zearing, turn left (north) onto 710th Street. After less than half a mile, turn left at the sign into the lake.

March 12th McFarland Park. Coordinator: Cindy Barrowcliff
The headquarters of Story County Trails and Story County Hikes. We will hike back trails and along the river. Directions: In east Ames, drive north on Dayton Road north of 13th Street for 4 miles. The road ends at 180th Street; turn right (east) and go ¾ mile to the entrance to the Conservation Center where we will meet.

March 18th Ada Hayden Park (subject to change). Coordinator: Cindy Barrowcliff
Last winter hike and potluck picnic! Please RSVP with the coordinator so we can arrange for food and drink. We will meet at the main parking lot off of Highway 69 in north Ames and hike the Sleepy Hollow trail as well as around the Ada Hayden grounds.

Hikes Information
Contact information for coordinators
You may email the coordinators any time, but please call only on hike days.
Cindy Barrowcliff: 231-1435 (please call only on hike days)
Jeff White. 515-231-7444
David Prichard: 515-232-9910
David Brenner:

General information
We recommend you open a Google map prior to each hike to determine the best way to reach the starting location. We will proceed on these hikes regardless of the weather . . . mostly, anyway. Blizzards, hard rains, or nuclear attack could deter us.
All participants will be required to sign waivers. None of these hikes are dangerous, but everyone must dress appropriately and be careful. There will be mud or snow!
If there are any changes or special conditions, we will email everyone for whom we have email addresses.
Hikes last for about two hours. Afterwards we share hot drinks, snacks, and the latest gossip. Bring your favorite cookie, trail mix, cocoa, etc.
If there is deep snow, some participants will bring snowshoes. If it’s icy, spikes or sturdy overshoes are useful. Dress for the weather, but be sure not to overdress; sweating in the cold is not good.
Trekking poles or walking sticks help those of us who are less sure footed.
Visit or you email Jeff or Cindy with questions or requests.

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