Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jan. 3&4, 2012 - Wolf's Field Notes

Now that I'm back at work I'm unable to get out in the morning or early afternoon.  When I finally arrived at the Park (near 5pm) I noticed that all the pools, ponds and lakes were ice-covered, except for one open spot at the southwest corner of the south lake.  This is where the waterfowl were concentrated, not in the water but on the ice.  The only duck swimming around was a female Lesser Scaup.  By the time I started the second lap around the lakes the sun had set.  As I rounded the southeast corner a Barred Owl flew by and landed in a tree near the restroom facility.

[Mike Meetz found a Snowy Owl today, along E29 and between 570th and 580th Ave (east of I-35).]

The open water area had expanded, as did the number of waterfowl.  Over 1500 Canada Geese, 100-150 Cackling Geese, and 75-100 Mallards were present.  Two of the Canada Geese had metal ankle bands.  It wasn't till the second lap when I spotted the white juvenile Snow Goose.  None of the specialty ducks seen earlier this week were found.  A Northern Shrike was found west of the bridge, between the south lake and the trail.  During the third lap I could hear its trill call, but I was unable to locate the bird.


    Eastern Garter Snake seen on Jan. 1st - Wolf O.

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